Beautiful Georgian Bay Island For Rent, 20 Acre Private Island Near Parry Sound.
Somerset Island
Comprising a total of 20 acres, Somerset is actually two distinct sections of land joined by a low lying rock cleft. There are 2 natural harbours and a completely unobstructed view to the west. 

Amazing Georgian Bay Splendor
Imagine being in a position to choose virtually any island in Sans Souci at the turn of the 20th century! In 1902 a railroad Baron from Cleveland purchased Somerset Island from the Crown as it was one of the grand islands of the area. One hundred years later, it remains eminently clear why he made Somerset his choice. Comprising more than 20 acres, with two natural harbours, densely covered in original growth white pine and a completely unobstructed view to the west.

20 Acres of Private Island
Somerset is actually two distinct sections of land joined by a low lying rock cleft. There is a 2 kilometers of wide paths that wind around the island connecting many look out points and scenic views.

The areas major physical attractions include Georgian Bay and the 30,000 Islands, five provincial parks, numerous inland lakes and waterways and an extensive snowmobile, ATV trail systems.

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of the Veranda

View of Island from Sky

If you are looking for an outstanding vacation destination where you can watch the most breathtaking sunset over Georgian Bay, look no further! You will Discover it here!

The natural beauty of the
unspoiled wilderness .

iscover the springtime, when wildflowers greet the you. Or how exciting fall musky fishing can be. Winter offers an abundance of activities including snow shoeing, cross country skiing, ice fishing.

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